Finally! Real smart irrigation.

We’ve developed a next-generation smart irrigation system that uses only the water that’s needed and only when it’s needed.

Today’s homebuyers are looking for values. More and more are asking about the green features in their new homes.

Buyers are demanding water and energy efficient construction, landscaping and technologies. Sure, it’s good for the environment, but it’s also great for the bottom line — yours and the buyer’s.

Here’s what the WaterOptimizer offers:

  • Water cost saving while homes are on the market
  • Enviro-smart technology
  • Reduce costs for landscape management
  • Controllability of systems in place, without costly landscape management


  • Promotes saving water at model sites.
  • Installation of irrigation system with the new owners best interest taken in account.
  • Confirms homeowners comply with water company regulations.
  • System pays for itself through lower water use
  • Simple upgrade with new controller and adding sensors.


It’s OK to irrigate!

Our next generation smart irrigation controller gives you precision lawn management no matter where you live. In many communities there is a distinct tension between the desire for picture perfect lawns and landscapes and the need to conserve water.

The WaterOptimizer® lets lawns and landscapes get the water they need to stay fresh (and in compliance) while reducing the amount of water used to keep them that way.

And, because the system can be monitored online, homeowners can see that it’s working properly. Better still, if you travel or live part of the year elsewhere, there’s no more need for that nagging feeling that the irrigation system may have failed, or gotten off schedule. It’s easy to check.

The return on investment varies based on water use and system size. Even so, most homeowners save the cost of the system in less than a year. After that, they just keep on saving.

There are other benefits, too:

  • Reduce water usage and costs by 70%
  • Eliminate fines associated with irrigation during regulated times and days
  • Local rebates for installing smart irrigation control