Finally! Real smart irrigation.

We’ve developed a next-generation smart irrigation system that uses only the water that’s needed and only when it’s needed.

More than blue gold, water is the thing that drives economic opportunity. Developers know this. And, in communities across the US, developers are finding it more challenging and more expensive to get the necessary water allocated for their projects—residential or commercial.

The WaterOptimizer® can’t change everything, but it helps make a development more green, more marketable and more efficient with water… which in the end, saves money.

Reduce infrastructure costs
Marketing a water efficient community (Green)
Marketing – government rebates for smart irrigation controllers


  • Centrally controlled system for water conservation
  • Maintain irrigation schedule per water company regulations
  • Improves supply pressure by balancing use
  • Saves water, water only when landscape needs.
  • Retrofit existing irrigation systems using wireless hub.
    • Wire problems, no street sleeves, battery powered valves,
    • No electricity available.
    • Areas for use – parkways, medians, islands, parks, parking lots, homes, clubhouses

Homeowner Associations

Irrigating just got easier… and smarter!

Our next generation smart irrigation controller gives you precision lawn management no matter where you live. In many communities there is a distinct tension between the desire for picture perfect lawns and landscapes and the need to conserve water.

The WaterOptimizer® lets lawns and landscapes get the water they need to stay fresh (and in compliance) while reducing the amount of water used to keep them that way.

And, because the system can be monitored online, you can always check to see that it’s working properly. There’s no more need for that nagging feeling that the irrigation system may have failed, or gotten off schedule. It’s easy to check.

There are other benefits, too:

  • Reduce water costs
  • Precision Lawn Management
  • Marketing – no more hassling your residents
  • Eliminate fines associated with irrigation during regulated times and days
  • Local rebates for installing smart irrigation control